by Left Astray

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released June 9, 2013

Recorded on April 17th & 18th 2013 by Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital in Los Angeles, CA.
Mastered on April 26th & 27th at Azimuth Mastering in NJ.

All music and lyrics by Left Astray
Artwork by Derek Setzer

Additional vocals on "Wither" and "Dwell" by David Cayetano



all rights reserved


Left Astray Los Angeles, California


Sadcore Hatepunx.

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Track Name: Wither
I feel the noose
Tightening around my neck
My lungs ache
For my final breath
My heart is desolate
I long for an end to my days
I feel the soil
Being tossed over my grave
Feel myself rotting from within
Disintegrate, decompose
In the confines I chose

I am not here
I am not gone
I've disappeared to
Where I belong
Where love doesn't linger
But falls into ash
To where I'm not haunted
By the ghosts of my past

Retrace steps that lead to nothing
Night fades as my soul burns into ash
Solitude has become my home
Into the dark where I'm alone
A desolate heart, and empty soul
Track Name: Lesser
What good is your effort
If you're only meeting halfway?
We didn't foresee this tension
But we welcomed it nonetheless
Gradually our words took on their own shape
Shapes that spelled out what we truly meant
There was much I didn't say
As there was much to say with you

Unbeknownst in this stupor
Our paths were decided,
Our paths were separated.
The gravity of it all started to sink in
And the very clouds we aimed for
Became the fog at our feet.

Even as you burned your own bridge
Track Name: Dwell
The only thing that binds me here
Is the only thing that proves I'm real
But I'm aching, I've always been this way
This very expectation, has expekcted me
For it proves validation of myself
But I no longer want my own heart

I just need the embrace of another
For too long I've been envious
Resorting to solitude to hide from it all
But I'm no stranger to loneliness
I've tried to separate myself from the mundane
Only to be met in empty beds
The horizon strips the light from my eyes
I can't reach it

I pour my confessions into letters
Letters that go unread.
I've tried to separate myself from the mundane
Only to be met in empty beds
I'm chasing a sun that I'll never reach
As the horizon strips the light from my eyes
Track Name: Abrasion
I'm digging deeper into a bloody open wound
Refuse cuts from scarring so that they'll never become proof
Of pain, of loss, just blood I've lost
I'm pulling back the skin my wounds will never heal
Feels like the constant bleeding proves that I can still feel
Peel back your wounds I keep cutting deeper until I feel the pain
It's the constant bleeding is what's keeping me sane
Peel back my wounds until I bleed out
I keep cutting until I start to feel the pain
It's the constant bleeding that's going to drive me insane
Track Name: Sleepless
I'm exhausted
Moments, struggle, my throat it chokes.
Noise fills my mind.
Comforts escape the life of my home.
Feelings overwhelm me I drown like a plague.
I'm drowning, words are spoken, silent, broken.
Empty nights carve away at my soul

I feel the plague coursing through my veins.
I need something to get me through these days
To stop my dreams from consuming.

Nights feel longer, make me feel low
And when I close my eyes all I hear is a haunting drone
As days go by my mind starts to rot
Memory decaying, I'm left distraught

Eyes opened
Mind strained
Drowning in my sleep