by Left Astray

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Recorded on June 29th and June 30th 2012 by Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital in Los Angeles, CA.

All music and lyrics by Left Astray.


released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Left Astray Los Angeles, California


Sadcore Hatepunx.

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Track Name: A Constant Fight
Calloused eyes and a tired mind
An empty soul with nothing inside
I'm tired of trying so I'm giving up
I've given everything but it's still not enough.

Every day is a constant fight
And I fail to see the light
A lonely kid in a desolate world
I scream out but my screams go unheard

Despair won't leave, it won't let me be
There's no life left inside of me
I try so hard to stay afloat
But this despair has got me by the throat
Track Name: Self Worth//Selfish
I can only give as much as I have
Material won’t suffice, nothing ever has
Internal taxation, repossessed hearts
You come in need, but take all you want

Dependent and desperate is what I've become
Holding things dearer as I wait for the flood
Mistakes repeated and I've never learned
Why bother to fix them, when they'll just be burned

Finding meaning in attachment
Purpose in hatred
Self-worth in selfishness
A shit reason to exist
Track Name: The Setting Sun
Kill the light, end the strain
Drowning sorrows just to numb this pain
Empty days, bitter ends
Starting a cycle that will never end

Everyday is worse than before
This problems to the point I can't ignore
Eats away at me more and more
Now solitude's all I long for.

Feels like I'm stuck in this place and I can't get out.
I'll never make it off the ground.

Everyday I grow more cold
I've become careless. Feelings grow old.
And in the end I'm left with no one
Just left to rot under this setting sun.