Don't Look For Me

by Left Astray

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Recorded on May 17th, 2014 and mixed/mastered on May 27th,2014 by Erol "Rollie" Ulug @ Bright Lights Studios in Santa Ana, CA


released August 18, 2014

All music and lyrics by Left Astray.
Artwork/Photography by Daniel Torres.



all rights reserved


Left Astray Los Angeles, California


Sadcore Hatepunx.

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Track Name: Scourge
You kiss my cheek
But you’ll spit on my grave
You’ll choke on your lies
Forever the bastard forever weak
You peck out my eyes
When I avert my gaze
Always pulling me back
When will I break the chain?
Weight on my mind
Stones tied to my feet
a fiend til the end
Would you cry for me?
That poison you speak
The venom you spew
The space you take
A curse upon my conscious
Sweet friends of mine
Blood of a relative
Dear loves of mine
Stain of my kin
Sweet friends of mine
Scourge upon my house
Dear loves of mine
Track Name: Sculptor
Incoherent, yet we make conscious decisions
My promises to you just becomes spoken filth
That pave paths to what we'll ultimately regret
The swaying in my steps was my own uncertainty
Much like artists who've lost their niche
With cloaks and masks we begin to change shape
We exist in gray scenes of cracked landscapes
Sinking in sands of a coming shore
End the drought with a burial at sea
Siren songs too faint to lull me
Uneasy dreamers the moon escapes me
Lost in confusion we arrive at the same point
In which lovers cross paths but just carry on.
Track Name: Ethereal
Made of marble
Painted on canvas
The physical fades but the echoes still remain
Soft spoken words
Your gentle touch
My sister’s laugh and my mother’s sigh
Time won’t stop for thee
When time ends for me
“If thou wilt remember and if thou wilt forget.”
All that is solid
Melts into air
Our emotions
Intangibles that we share
What I can’t touch
All my feelings
Those moments gone
All my being
All that is solid
Melts into air
Those moments gone
Those moments gone
What I can't touch
Yet I hold on
All my being
Those moments gone